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Food technology

Whether a fully automatic coffee machine brews fresh coffee or a baking machine bakes rolls and bread: smooth functionality can only be guaranteed with suitable and robust drive technology. Customer-specific drive units by Primus Präzisionstechnik have seen successfully use for years in the tightest packaging spaces under the most extreme environmental conditions (e.g., heat or humidity). Current product examples include:

  • Spindle drives for compacting coffee powder in industrial coffee machines
  • Linear drives for positioning baking trays in large bakeries
  • Drives for planetary agitators in large bakeries and canteen kitchens

Due to the continuously increasing demands on the products, the development of your individual drive system in collaboration with Primus Präzisionstechnik is the right choice for your application.

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No matter whether buildings are used for private, public or business purposes, automation of facility engineering functions is rapidly gaining importance.