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Furniture automation

Every day we use our furniture in our professional and private lives. Today, there are also numerous options in this sector to make everyday life easier with a drive unit by Primus Präzisionstechnik. The areas of application range from the kitchen, to the living room, to your desk.

You will find individual drive systems by Primus Präzisionstechnik among other things in:

  • Kitchen cupboards (automatic opening & closing including safety coupling)
  • Refrigerators (automatic opening)
  • Drawers (automatic opening)
  • Height adjustment of desks

In view of the demographic development (home environments suitable for senior citizens and persons with special needs) and the constantly increasing possibilities of smart home control, we are your perfect choice of partner to push forward with furniture automation.

We design the best
possible solution
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No matter whether buildings are used for private, public or business purposes, automation of facility engineering functions is rapidly gaining importance.