ISO 9001 ISO TS 16949


The technical innovative force behind vehicles, as well as consumer comfort are constantly increasing from year to year. To guarantee precisely this comfort, each car is equipped with a multitude of electromechanical motor-gear units such as electronic mirror adjustment, automatic seat adjustment incl. memory function, or drive units for complete convertible tops. Safety-relevant features (sc & cc features) as well as acoustic optimisation and space/weight reductions are part of our daily requirement profile. Our current applications include:

  • Spindle drives for fully automatic trailer couplings with swing-out and swing-in movement
  • Worm gears for semi-automatic trailer couplings
  • Linear drives for automatic spoiler adjustment
  • Worm gears for opening convertible sliding roofs
  • Haptic warning systems for driver’s seats in buses and commercial vehicles
  • Complex gear components with the highest demands on quality and safety
  • Hot gas welding of plastics for tightness classes up to IP69

We demonstrate our compliance with the high demands on quality and processes on a daily basis through our products, and through our annual recertification in line with IATF 16949:2016. Talk to us about your individual requirements: we will definitely offer you the right solution.

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No matter whether buildings are used for private, public or business purposes, automation of facility engineering functions is rapidly gaining importance.